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GEOTECH S.A. Well Intervention Program provides products and services that support enhancement of well production and maintenance. GEOTECH S.A, provides all the required tools and equipment for open hole completion, perforated casing completion, single or multiple completion and so on, in order to assure quality and maximized well performace.

Sets of completion system:

Subsurface safety valves system:
icon RT-Series Subsurface Safety Valve.
icon RV-Series Wire-line Retrievable Safety Valve (WRSV).

Packer System:
icon Retainer Production Packer.
icon Hydraulic Set Retainer Production Packer.
icon Mechanical Set Retrievable Testing Packer.
icon Hydraulic Set Retrievable Packer.
icon Dual String Retrievable Packer.
icon Feed Through Packer.
icon Retrievable Packer.
icon Anchor Seal Assembly.
icon Locator Seal Assembly.

Flow control tools system:
icon Siding Sleeve.
icon Shifting Tool.
icon Top No-Go Landing Nipple.
icon Bottom No-Go Landing Nipple.
icon Bypass Blanking Plug.
icon Instrument Hanger.
icon Equalizing Check Valve.

Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers system:
icon Wireline Set Bridge Plug.
icon Mechanical Set Bridge Plug.
icon Wireline Set Cement Retainer.
icon Mechanical Set Cement Retainer.

GEOTECH S.A. also provides the means necessary to deployment and retrieval of the completion tools, utilizing its expertise and portfolio of units and tools.