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Geotech is engaged in several reservoir engineering projects. The company, through the essential software, has been a leading player in the development of Geological models, reservoir and drilling design. Data set analysis for more than three decades and has brought in new technologies and innovations. The company’s experience and understanding of reservoir leads to the absolute optimal utilization and most reliable solutions and suggestions on field.

Big Surface/Subsurface Data Set Analysis

Data management of surface / subsurface data (Well – reservoir data) for Water, Mining and other sectors. Data evaluation ...

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Geological Modeling (2D and 3D Models)

Geological modelling combines traditional principles of geology and structural mapping, with cutting edge 3D modelling techniques to develop robust ...

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Reservoir/Drilling Engineering

The main goal of modern development of hydrocarbon deposits aims at the most complete extraction of their recoverable reserves ...

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Development of Engineering Models

Development of Hydrogeological, Geotechnical, Geophysical, Aquifer, Geochemistry and Engineering models Modelling of engineering, physical or chemical data of soil ...

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