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GEOTECH S.A. provides perforation service from vertical wells to complex multistage horizontal completions, Geotech delivers perforating accuracy for optimum completion efficiency. GEOTECH S.A. provides a full range of perforating guns, shot density and phasing to match any well completion plan.

Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP), and using coiled tubing gives us the ablility to perforate long intervals and preform horizontal intervention.

Rig Environmental Detonators: GEOTECH S.A. uses advanced electro-explosives devices that are designed specifically for use with perforating guns and other explosive devices where a pressure resistant detonator is required. Enhanced safety characteristics allow other well activities to continue uninterrupted while perforating.

Charges designed for specific applications such as:
icon Super deep penetration in high compressive strengths formations.
icon Consistent hole sizes to minimize the effects of tortuosity.
icon Combined performance and value.