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GEOTECH S.A. provides Open Hole Logging Services based on the requirements of each well for optimum well formation evaluation.


Using slim logging tools we offer a light-weight cost effective option in small diameter holes or in wells with restricted access.


Our equipment is supplied from the best manufacturers around the world to guarantee high quality and efficiency.

Conventional And Advanced Services

Nuclear Logging:
icon Gamma Ray Logs
icon Spectral Gamma Ray Logs
icon Density Logs
icon Neutron Porosity Logs
icon Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) 

Formation Testers:

icon Sidewall Rotary Coring 
icon Repeat Formation Tester 
icon Modular Dynamics Evaluation 

Resistivity and Spontaneous Potential:
icon Electrode resistivity Logs
icon Induction Logs
icon Micro-Resistivity Logs
icon Through Casing Resistivity Logs
icon Spontaneous Potential Logs

Imaging Tools :

icon Acoustic Imaging
icon 3-6 Arm caliper
icon Vertical Seismic Profile VSP Survey