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GEOTECH S.A. performs seismic refraction / reflection surveys by using the GEODE 48 equipment along with the compatibles geophones / hydrophones.

The seismic refraction method is a survey method to estimate underground structures by elastic wave velocity. It is applied in geological models where the velocity is increased as a function of depth by using pressure waves (P-waves).

The delivered result is a seismic refraction and reflection tomography with a max investigation depth of 100m and 1.5 Km respectively.


icon Detection of velocity model of the subsurface
icon Detection of the tectonic regime (fractures / faults, layer boundaries, e.t.c.)
icon Detection of stratigraphy model
icon Ground classification
icon Evaluation of dam foundation
icon Baseline survey of soil construction
icon Built of subsurface velocity model
icon Oil & Gas exploration
icon Geological structures and physical properties of bedrock


Geode 48 seismographs along with compatibles geophones and software by Geometrics Inc.