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GEOTECH S.A. provides Cased Hole Logging Services to optimize production, maintain well integrity and improve reservoir understanding. Our equipments are supplied from the best manufacturers around the world and certified for the highest quality.

Together with our experience have always delivered the desired results with high quality and efficiency in Vertical, Directional, and Horizontal Cased Sections.

Our wireline & cased-hole logging services includes depth control/correlation, formation evaluation, cement bond evaluation & production logging evaluation. We offer casing & borehole integrity, pipe recovery & perforation services and a full range of mechanical services. Our fully equipped e-line units for onshore & offshore are available for any environment with the benefit of instant response capabilities.


            • icon GR/CCL for Depth Determination

        icon Cement Bond Evaluation

    icon Production Logging

icon Pipe Inspection

icon Plugs and Packers Setting

icon Pipe Recovery
icon Perforation