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Geotech delivers Geotechnical engineering and construction solutions in foundation, geological analysis, PIT and other sectors. Our expertise, experience and strategic partnerships enable us to deliver a single point solution for all project from frond-end design through engineering, fabrication project management, reporting and in-situ testing. The company’s operations are characterized by on overriding emphasis on safety, on time delivery cost competitiveness and high quality standards. Integrated strengths coupled with an experienced and high skilled workforce, are the key to complex and challenging projects.

Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP)

VSP refers to measurements made in a vertical wellbore using geophones inside the wellbore and a source at the ...

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WL Services

GEOTECH S.A. performs a wide range of borehole logging techniques for multiple purposes such as hydrogeological, geothermal, mineral and ...

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Crosshole Seismic Tomography

Cross-hole seismic tomography involves measuring travel times of seismic ray paths between two or more boreholes in order to ...

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