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GEOTECH S.A. Drilling Services have been performed to various Vertical, Directional and Horizontal wells, in south-east Europe and multi-phase well workovers . By applying MWD/LWD Technology, downhole and geological data can be obtained in real-time. It can be applied to any conventional oil & gas well with conventional, inflatable or foam mud or gas as circulating medium. In addition, it can be used for both under-balance and coal-bedding drilling.


We are using the latest available Technologies in order to improve Measuring While Drilling (MWD) & Logging While Drilling (LWD) to increase drilling efficiency. The driller is allowed to steer the bit with real-time formation evaluation measurements in order to optimize bottom hole assembly (BHA) performance.

Our MWD and LWD technologies can replace conventional measurements, as a mean to optimize drilling efficiency. It can improve the real-time capabilities of “geosteering", by moving sensors closer to the bit, and reducing the length of the entire BHA.

Our key to success is careful planning and implementation, qualified and skilled personnel and continuous monitoring of the project's progress.


The number of directionally drilled wells is expected to increase over the next years, and also the use of MWD & LWD technologies. Opportunities to apply MWD & LWD with steerable technology to horizontal and multilateral wells will approximately doubled over the same period. We are keen to compete and to meet the market needs in order to deliver a succesful, safe and on time implementation of the project.