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Drilling and Associated Services

Proven Technology and expertise, can significantly decrease the cost per producing barrel. Geotech S.A. provides solutions that will minimize CAPEX and OPEX requirements, over the lifecycle of the well.

icon Complete well drilling program for Vertical, Directional and Horizontal wells, including the BHA Assembly, String-design, Drilling Parameters, Mud Properties, and any additional requirements of the project.

icon Well design and well-engineered hole isolation, in order to maximize well production.

icon Drilling Rigs with adequate horse power and its associated equipment.

icon Supervision of drilling operations, to ensure well performance is maximized and drilling parameters are being followed as per program and adjusted to any deviated behaviour.

icon Daily evaluation and monitoring of the drilling progress.

icon Provision of all required drilling equipment and mud/completion materials.

icon Provision of the drilling & completion fluids.

Optimum and Safe Performance & Quality

From a fast, durable bit to a rotary steerable service with advance reservoir navigation capabilities, we'll make sure you get the drilling asnwer you need!

icon We have been providing drilling services successfully, for years, for various types of wells, such as exploration, directional, horizontal and sidetracking wells.

icon We are experienced on oniste slurry testing, process monitoring and formula optimization.

icon We can ensure safe drilling operations in complex and troublesome formations.

icon GeoTech can provide solutions for any possible and unexpected issue during drilling operations, having always as goal to minimize the operational time and maximize the well performance!