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Slick Line Applications

icon Depth Determination.
icon BHP/BHT Record.
icon Bailing.
icon Pulling & Setting subsurface Safety Devices.
icon Gas Lift Operations.
icon Tubing leak test.

icon Tubing Gauge Calibration.
icon Fishing Operation.
icon Memory Cased Hole Services.
icon Well bore inspection.
icon Open & Close Sliding Sleeves.

GEOTECH S.A. is committed to ensure, with speed and flexibility, high quality expertise and integrated services with solutions to complex technical problems and delivering accurate results.

Mechanical services
icon Setting of Bridge plugs
icon Frac plugs
icon All type of Packers
icon Pack-off / Straddle systems

Remedial services
icon Gauge cutting (wax & scale removal)
icon Fishing equipment
icon Dump bailers
icon Junk baskets
icon Cement retainers

fishing operations

Bottom Hole Fluid Sampling

Bottom Hole Fluid SamplingGEOTECH S.A. provides in situ bottom hole sampling service using slick line.icon Bottom hole fluid sampler ...

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