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The Advanced Reservoir Monitoring Solution:
Executing the RS with new technology for highest performance RAS is one kind of multi-purpose pulsed neutron logging system, uses Sigma and Carbon Oxygen C/O technology to evaluate oil and gas reservoir.

RAS features are Three Detector Array:
icon 2 Lanthanum Chloride Detectors for Sigma and C/O.
icon Long Spacing Nal detector for porosity and gas evaluation.


icon Halide – no internal oxygen signal.
icon Fast pulse emission– higher count throughput.
icon High peak resolution-aids energy calibration accuracy.
icon Minimal heat effects – good response at all temperatures.

Reservoir Engineering

icon Reservoir analysis, reserves determination and characterization, well test analysis, field development and reservoir management.
icon Infill well drilling design.
icon Artificial Lift design and installation. Recommend selection of producing equipment. Devise methods to improve well production. General property & Acquisition Analyses.
icon Enhanced recovery, fluid injection design and implementation. Water, steam and polymer flood management.
icon Material Balance and Production forecasts.
icon Valuation and appraisal of oil and gas wells, facilities and properties.
icon Incorporate all above into a history matched dynamic reservoir model. Production Accounting.